Cocktail Classes

Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to make a martini? Why is it even called a martini? What’s the difference between shaking and stirring?

Learn how to make cocktails like a professional- join Nick D, as he takes you through a unique experience of making three cocktails. Nick has 15+ years of experience in curating innovative cocktails, and building creative drink menus. In this class Nick will teach you the basic techniques for crafting the perfect cocktail- some shaking and some stirring. A fun evening for friends, colleagues, or date night. Our in-person classes are held in our cocktail room.

About Patent 5’s Single Barrel Release 1 Whisky

Single Barrel Release 1 is the first wheat whisky from Patent 5. The last whisky produced in Winnipeg in 1880 was a wheat whisky by Winnipeg distillery Radiger & Erb. Single Barrel Release 1 was created to honour this history, with a significant wheat component in it. What makes this release special is that each individual bottle is from only one aged barrel, rather than many barrels, which is why it is labeled a “Single Barrel” release. Single barrel releases are distinct as they are not blended with other barrels to create specific flavor profiles, but rather, each barrel is unique.  The resulting spirit is usually a very small batch and because of its rarity, frequently becomes a collectible whisky.

Join Our Gin Club

Our objective for the Patent 5 Gin Club is to create a community of people who are as passionate as we are about craft spirits and the community they live in. This should generate ideas about new spirits and cocktails, create excitement for new releases, and develop friendships around common interests. The Patent 5 Gin Club will be a forum where members can share experiences and learn from each other, and enhance their appreciation for distilling methods, ingredients, and equipment.

Club members receive three member’s special boxes throughout the year, early access to limited small-batch release products, discounts, two tickets for a distillery tour, and invitations to member-only events.

Premium spirits and craft cocktails created in the heart of Canada

An accountant, an engineer, an entrepreneur, and a pharmacist have put their diverse talents together to create uniquely Manitoban, award-winning premium spirits from locally-sourced raw materials. We operate out of a 2,600 square foot former livery stable turned craft distillery in the heart of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District.


Contemporary and classic spirits produced with a progressive approach and history in mind.


Small batch premium spirits distilled using our artisanally-made copper still.

Cocktail Bar

Hidden in plain sight, enjoy high concept cocktails in our intimate tasting room.

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