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Manitoba’s First Rum.

The original Rum Runners were sailors and merchants who would secretly transport rum from the Caribbean to speakeasies in Florida. Canadian Rum Runners Regularly moved spirits in the dark of night during prohibition, but they were often transporting moonshine. During prohibition, every bar and hotel was forced to cease all sales of liquor. Run runners would take spirits over borders by train, carts, and boat, and in the final two years of the law it was rumoured that every fourth closed bar had been transformed into a speakeasy.

In 1923, a notorious rum runner described Winnipeg as “dripping wet” with more liquor running through it than anywhere else in the country.

Our rum was created using a combination of Crosby’s fancy grade molasses and blackstrap molasses. The rum was pot distilled, barrel aged and bottled in the Historic Dominion Express building in the Exchange District. Aged in used barrels that had previously aged an interesting “double oak” bourbon, the result is an ideal sipping rum, and mixes perfectly into your favorite tropical cocktail.  Our rum is bottled at 45%.

Nose: Pineapple, molasses, burnt sugar, faint campfire smoke, light stone fruit

Palate: vanilla cake, clove, cinnamon sugar, dates, molasses, slight dry leather

Finish: long, sweet demerara sugar, candied apple, dry leather and charred oak, fades to burnt marshmallow


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