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Patent 5

Radio-Canada video report about the release of Patent 5 Single Barrel Release #1 whisky:

The whiskey produced by Patent 5 distillery, located in the Bourse district in the heart of Manitoba’s capital, had to mature for several years in an oak barrel.

Patent 5

New Winnipeg whisky finally ready for release | CTV News

Patent 5 President, Brock Coutts, discusses Patent 5 Whisky on CTV News.

Patent 5

Radio interview with Radio-Canada’s Mireille Langlois of Culture et confitures

The general manager of Winnipeg’s Patent 5 distillery shares his passion for whisky.

First Whisky Distilled in Winnipeg in 142 Years

Patent 5 Distillery is bringing its whisky to market this week, something president Brock Coutts says is a first for the craft spirit market.

Manitoba-made whiskies flowing to distillery shelves

The first to hit the market is Patent 5’s Single Barrel Release 1, released on Nov. 10 from their website and tasting room (108 Alexander Ave.). And while they’ve so far released mainly gin, vodka and small-batch liqueurs and spirits — products that don’t require extensive aging before release — making their own whisky has always been the end goal.

Un premier whisky produit à Winnipeg en 142 ans

« C’était clair comme de l’eau de roche dès le début : pas faire de whisky, c’était pas une option. C’était le whisky qui nous tenait à cœur. »

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The Chilled Glass: Patent 5 Distillery’s Gin Improves Classic Cocktails

In Manitoba, three things are for sure — winter is cold, everyone knows everyone, and Patent 5 Distillery makes the best gin you have yet to try…

Canadian Distilleries Blog: Day 11 – Eleven Pipers Piping Gin

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Ciao Magazine: December/January 2020/21

Creating a joyful scene at home is the theme of this yuletide season, and fortunately for all of us the innovative people at Amsterdam Tea Room and Patent 5 Distillery…

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Vodka to hand sanitizer: how distilleries are fighting the outbreak

WINNIPEG — As hand sanitizer continues to be an in-demand product due to the COVID-19 pandemic, other businesses are stepping up to help create the scarce commodity…

Exchange District Biz Highlight

Patent 5, a small batch distillery in the Exchange District makes purple blossom gin, barrel aged tin, vodka. And, earlier this spring – they produced hand sanitizer, too…

Helping hands: Winnipeg distillery switches from spirits to hand sanitizer

In one day, Patent 5 made 65 bottles of sanitizer to donate to organizations. They plan on making close to 200 in the next week…

Whisky production returns to downtown Winnipeg after 139 years

For the first time in nearly 140 years, whisky will be produced in downtown Winnipeg…

The Main Ingredient w/Kevin Burgin talks to Patent 5 Distillery

Guest host Krista Hall and I talk to Brock Coutts owner of Patent 5 about their part in helping some amazing agencies that remain committed to helping our communities through trying times by making hand sanitizer 6 days a week…

Rising spirits Prohibition over as city’s second craft distillery gets ready to opens its historic doors

When Patent 5 Distillery opens its doors in downtown Winnipeg in early March, it will double the number of craft distilleries operating in the city