Patent 5 Diner

Welcome to the Patent 5 Diner… the world’s strangest diner, where all the food is drinks!


  • Chips ‘n’ Guac

    Patent 5 Gin, Espolan blanco tequila, avocado, cilantro, lime, tomato cordial, habanero shrub, side of mini corn chips•2oz.   •vegan

  • Fries ‘n’ Kewpie

    Patent 5 french fry Vodka, kewpie, elorose sherry, lemon, sugar, MSG, vegan foamer, french fry salt rim •2.5oz   •vegetarian

  • Tom Kha Soup

    Patent 5 Navy Strength Gin, tome kha syrup (kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, ginger), lime, house cream of coconut, vegan foamer, soda •1.5oz   •vegan

Patent 5 Experiences


  • Pineapple Pizza

    Patent 5 x Mitchell Block vegan pizza Vodka, tomato basil cordial, lemon, pineapple bitters•2oz   •vegan

  • Chicken & Waffles

    Patent 5 duck fat washed Barrel Aged Gin, waffle infusion, maple syrup butter, Frank’s hot sauce, Cold Mike’s chickenless salt rim   •2oz 

  • Pastrami on Rye

    Chef Cole’s toasted rye Bourbon, Nonsuch brisket infusion, Cocchi di Torino, mustard shrub, black pepper tincture, lemon, Angostura bitters, vegan foamer  •2.25oz


  • Corn on the Cob

    Patent 5 brown butter Vodka, charred corn syrup, lime•2oz   •vegetarian

  • Mixed Greens

    Patent 5 Gin, Amaro Montenegro, arugula, basil, hot pepper shrub, snap pea, black pepper tincture, lemon, Cinzano prosecco •2oz   •vegan 

Patent 5 Experiences
Patent 5 Experiences


  • Key Lime Pie

    Patent 5 Elettaria spiced gin, pie crust infusion*, cream of cocunut, lime, coconut whip•2oz   •vegetarian/*honey

  • Bananas Foster

    Patent 5 Elettaria Gin, Appleton Estate Signature rum, creme de banane, spent whey caramel, nutmeg, lemon, vegan foamer, cinnamon, fire! •2.75oz   •vegetarian 


  • London Fog

    Earl Grey infused Bourbon, Licor 43, lavender syrup, oat milk, vegan foamer •2oz   •vegan

  • Coffee ‘n’ a Donut

    Patent 5 Vodka infused with world famous Crumb Queen crullers and Never Better Coffee, clarified with half ‘n’ half•2oz    •vegetarian

  • Bubble Tea

    Patent 5 Gin, strawberry bitters, matcha & tonka syrup, lemon, oat milk, Nigori sake, soda, vegan foamer, lychee boba•2oz   • vegan

  • Coffee ‘n’ a Smoke

    Bourbon, Benedictine liqueur, Never Better Coffee ‘spro, Ardbeg 10Y0, oloroso sherry•2.5oz   •vegan

Patent 5 Experiences

Simple Serves

  • Vodka & soda
    $7 / $12
  • London Dry Gin & house tonic
    $8 / $13
  • Elettaria Mule
    $9 / $14
  • Patent 5 Berry Collins
    $9 / $14
  • Whisky & house cola
    $8 / $13
  • Barrel aged Gin
    $9 / $14
Patent 5 Experiences


  • Kangaroo

    Patent 5 Vodka, Vermut Zarro, peach bitters, olives•3oz   •vegan

  • Dirty Vodka Martini

    Patent 5 Vodka, manzanilla sherry, olive brine, olive•3oz    •vegan

  • Gin Martini

    Patent 5 Gin, Lustau blanco, orange twist•3oz   • vegan

  • Dirty Gin Martini

    Patent 5 Gin, Nigori sake, olive brine, olives•3oz   •vegan

  • Pornstar Martini

    Patent 5 Vodka, Lapsang tea, Licor 43, passion fruit, lemon, vegan foamer, prosecco•2.5oz   •vegan

  • Espresso Martini

    Patent 5 Vodka, Kahlua, Never Better Coffee ‘spro•2.5oz   •vegan

Punch Bowls

Upgrade your punch bowl for $15
Top with Cinzano prosecco or Nonsuch Chambiere

  • Cherry Bomb

    Patent 5 Navy Strength Gin, cherry brandy, Caribou, lemon, Earl Grey & rosemary syrup

  • Code Orange

    Patent 5 Elettaria spiced gin, Aperol, Grand Mariner, lemon, smoky cinnamon & tonka syrup

Small (min. 2)  •  $30 | Medium (min. 4)  •  $60 | Large (min. 6)  •  $90

Patent 5 Experiences

(You can actually eat)

  • Anchovies

    Anchovies, sweet pepper bruschetta, pearl onions, crackers•no dairy

  • Antipasto

    Marinated anchovies, olives, muffaletta spread, crackers•vegan

  • Bar Snacks

    Bowl of bar snacks•gluten-friendly option available

  • Charcuterie

    Your choice of cured meat, mustard, olives, crackers•no dairy

  • Cheese

    Your choice of one cheese, nuts, preserve, dried fruit, crackers•vegetarian

  • Dolmas

    Marinated grape leaves stuffed with rice, herbs & spices•vegan

  • Gin-Soaked Olives

    Mixed olives soaked in Patent 5 London Dry Gin brine•vegan

  • Stuffed Peppers

    Jalapeno peppers stuffed with feta•vegetarian

Drinks That Make a Difference

$2 from each drink goes to Sunshine House.

Patent 5 is proud to support Sunshine House – a community drop-in and resource centre focusing on harm reduction and social inclusion. They work to provide programming that fulfills people’s social, community, and recreational needs. Participants can come as they are, and are not expected to be “clean” or sober.

  • Pocketful of Sunshine

    Patent 5 Purple Blossom gin, house citrus cordial, soda•1oz

  • Sunshine Bunch

    Purple rose & hibiscus syrup, house citrus cordial, soda•zero proof

Zero Proof Menu

  • Deee-Lite

    Berry tea, soursop syrup, ginger syrup, lime juice, Ms Better’s vegan foamer

  • Violet Beaureard

    Blueberry shrub, ginger syrup, lime juice, black walnut bitters, soda

  • Jam Tart

    Strawberry shrub, soda water, citric acid, carbamon bitters, sparkles

  • Young Grasshopper

    Watermelon & hot pepper shrub, lemon, celery bitters, soda, rosemary salt 

  • House Cola

    House cola cordial & soda

  • Ginger Beer

    House ginger & clove syrup & soda

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