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Distillery Tours

Hidden in plain sight in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, you’ll find our cozy cocktail bar in the former Dominion Express Co. building. Furnished with reclaimed stained glass, doors, wood paneling and other elements from the historic Oak Room at the St. Regis Hotel, we make use of old and new in an intimate setting.

Distillery tours last approximately 45 minutes and include a sampling of our spirits. After your tour stay for a drink at our beautiful cocktail room.

Cocktail Classes at Patent 5 Distillery

Impress Your Friends and Family with Your Cocktail Making Skills

At Patent 5 Distillery our focus is creating award winning Manitoba inspired spirits and offering an intimate experience with cocktails at our cocktail room. Want to impress your friends or loved ones with some new cocktail making skills? Learn how to make cocktails like a professional- join Nick D, as he takes you through a unique experience of making three cocktails. Nick has 15+ years of experience in curating innovative cocktails and building creative drink menus. In these classes, class Nick will teach you the techniques for crafting the perfect cocktail. A fun evening for friends, colleagues, or date night. Our in-person classes are held in our cocktail room.

Under the supervision of a seriously talented bartender, you’ll learn how to make 3 delicious classic cocktails. Learn how to navigate your way around bar tools to create an experience in a glass. This is a hand-on workshop.

Location: 108 Alexander Avenue | Pricing: $65-$75

A Patent 5 Bartender makes a rum cocktail.

All Cocktail Classes Include:

  • A guided interactive mixology experience led by our very own Nick D
  • All tools and ingredients required to make 3 cocktails.
  • Light Snack
  • Recipe cards for the 3 cocktails.

Participation is limited to 18 guests – so book early to secure your spot in class.  We require a minimum of 12 participants to hold the class.

Each attendee will create three cocktails – if you consume all three (and most people do as they are tasty cocktails) we encourage participants to plan on getting picked up by a friend, relative or taxi at the conclusion of the event.

An amber drink with an orange peel and some ice sit on top of a wooden table.

Cocktail Class
Level 1


Shaken or Stirred?

In this class Nick will teach you the basic techniques for crafting the perfect cocktail- some shaking and some stirring. 

Four cocktails on top of a table.

Cocktail Class
Level 2


Ready to add some additional bartending skills to your repertoire? Join us for an interactive session to learn about the reasons and mechanics behind truly great tasting cocktails. *Attending level 1 is not required to join this class

A closeup of a bottle of Patent 5 Rum.

Rum Cocktail


“If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain…” – Robert Holmes 

A class to celebrate our Manitoba made rum in some delicious sippers that have become synonymous with the spirit.