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Pear Liqueur


Pear Liqueur

ABV: 26%

Our Pear Liqueur is the third release from the Patent 5 Experimental Product Line. Taking inspiration from Manitoba pears, we infused our award winning vodka to create our newest liqueur. A balanced liqueur with crisp sweetness which is light on the palate and captures the rich essence of pear, with just a hint of spice and vanilla.

Enjoy mixed into a cocktail – a peartini maybe, neat, over ice cream or other desserts!

Suggested serve: Neat or on ice, sparkling wine,
soda water, or ginger beer

Pairs well with: Dark chocolate, a cheese plate and nuts

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Dipteryx Gin Liqueur


Dipteryx Gin Liqueur

ABV: 26.5%

New school twist with old school appeal
for both gin and liqueur lovers alike.

An aromatic liqueur made with our Elettaria spice gin, local honey, cacao nibs and tonka bean. Silky smooth, the spiced gin provides a complex base while the tonka and cacao make for a luxurious liqueur with a lingering finish.

Makes a wonderful digestif or aperitif.

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