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A bottle of Whisky from Patent 5 Distillery's second whisky release.

Single Barrel Release 2 Whisky

ABV: 43%

“There hasn’t been a distillery in downtown Winnipeg since Radiger & Erb closed their Higgins Avenue distillery in 1880,” says Brock Coutts, Patent 5 owner and lead distiller. “This new spirit has taken us more than 4 years to create and was made by marrying modern distilling methods with a traditional process that Winnipeg distillers would have followed 142 years ago.”

So, what makes Patent 5 Whisky Release 2 special?

  • Single Barrel Release 2 is a throwback to a turn of the century style whisky.
  • Made from a wheated bourbon style mash bill
  • The corn and wheat were grown and harvested in southwestern Manitoba
  • It was triple distilled in our copper pot still
    After aging, the whisky was brought to bottle proof with the addition of Manitoba spring water
  • Release number 2 was casked in a new charred white Oak barrel and aged in Patent 5’s barrel room
  • Single Barrel Release 2 is not chill-filtered and has zero additives

Patent 5 whisky is a celebration of the history of Winnipeg’s distillers and a salute to modern methods. This release was distilled three times in our pot still – a very traditional technique.  Barrelled in a first-fill American white oak medium-char barrel and aged in our barrel room.

The whisky was brought to bottle proof (86 proof or 43% abv) with the addition of Manitoba spring water.  The spring water brings a hint of minerality to the finished product.

Aromas of vanilla and English toffee at first, followed by cinnamon and toasted coconut. Notes of baking spices and sweet butterscotch on the palate. The whisky concludes with maple syrup, dry leather and a toasted oak finish.