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SOLD OUT 500 Day Barrel Aged Gin- Special


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We created something extra special with this batch of Barrel Aged gin.  Our Classic gin was aged in an new charred American Oak Barrel in our barrel room for 500 days! This gin is a flavorful substitute for gin in a Negroni, Manhattan or Old Fashioned.  It’s also a great sipping gin over ice.

On the nose there are many notes from our London Dry gin; lemon, lime and coriander and the charred barrel adds sweet barrel spice and brown sugar.

Tastes of lemon zest and the citrus of coriander dominate, while vanilla, caramel and marshmallow take a back seat with some faint dry oak tannins.

This barrel aged gin finishes with some white pepper, a bit of dried apple and a wonderful warmth.

ABV: 45.2%


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