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Manitoba Berry Gin

ABV: 42%

A twist on an Old Tom Gin, lightly sweetened (2.8% sugar) and packed with flavour. Made with pressed wild Saskatoon berries, and spicy, floral hibiscus flowers.

Suggested serve: Classic Collins with lemon, sugar and soda

Pairs well with: 
Maraschino cherries, sweet vermouth

Tasting Notes: Bramble-bush earthy note on nose: leaf, earth, berry fruit. Adding water brings out lemon zest. Lovely rich texture, round soft and silky. Bright and peppery spice on palate with such juicy authentic fruit flavour I checked to see if this was sweetened! Good refreshing astringency on the finish, lingering ‘evergreen’ juniper. This is a flavour bomb of a gin, very well executed. Tartness is very well balanced with texture and other flavours.


Gold Medal & Excellence in Terroir – Manitoba Berry Gin | 2021