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Elettaria Spiced Gin

Elettaria Spiced Gin

ABV: 44%

A non-traditional take on a London Dry style gin. We dialed back the juniper to create this soft, spiced gin. A worldly blend of green cardamom, cinnamon, lime peel and pink peppercorn.

Suggested serve: With ginger beer & lime juice or as an Old Fashioned

Pairs well with: 
Tropical fruit flavours, warm spices.

Tasting Notes: The nose has a medium level intensity. Cinnamon heart candies and a grassy herbal aroma along with some lemon balm aromas make for an interesting and well balanced nose.
Aromas from the nose carry through to the palate. Cinnamon candy is the predominant impression followed by herbal, citrus and floral aromas. The texture is creamy and viscous with a mouth warming heat. 
The finish is long and complex. Baking spice aromas and lemony citrus aromas are accented by floral aromas that come and go.