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SOLD OUT Saskatoon Grappa


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Historically grappa is made by using grape skins left over after the first pressing of grapes during the wine making process. For a unique twist on grappa we used saskatoon berries.  Interestingly, saskatoon berries are one of the few fruits that are indigenous to Manitoba. The saskatoon berries we used were originally pressed to make wine by the folks at Shrugging Doctor.  In the centuries old tradition of making grappa, the skins were rehydrated and then left to ferment via the wild yeast on the berries.  After three weeks of fermentation the berries were pressed with a wine press and the liquid was pot distilled twice to create a Manitoba inspired Grappa.  Lots of work (we likely won’t do this again) and only 30 bottles!
375 ml ABV 42.1%


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