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Sold Out-Gift Box- Dark Spirits Series


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For our dark spirit lovers, this one is for you!

Whisky Release #3 –
Our third release is our first to feature whiskies from different barrels. Three separate barrels,
filled from two separate distillations, were carefully blended to ensure the whisky was robust
but also smooth with a long finish. With nearly equal parts of rye and corn this is a Manitoba
original whisky. Release #3 was aged in new charred oak casks in our barrel room at 108 Alexander Avenue in the Exchange District in Winnipeg.

Elettaria Barrel Aged Gin

Our Spiced Gin, aged in a first use charred oak barrel for approximately 120 days.
Proofed to 47.5% ABV

Rum Release #2

Our rum is crafted using a unique combination of Crosby’s fancy grade and blackstrap molasses.
We distill and ferment the molasses to preserve the character and flavor . The rum is aged in casks that we used once
to age a double-oak bourbon. This second release of our rum has been aged for 22 months and
has notes of cola and burnt sugar, in addition to a hint of oak. Serve in your favorite cocktail or
enjoy neat or on ice to savor the favors.

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